Petri Receives “Friend of Farm Bureau” Award

Sep 12, 2012 Issues: Agriculture

Congressman Tom Petri today received the “Friend of Farm Bureau” award from the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF). The annual award is given to members of Congress nominated by their home state farm bureaus and approved by the AFBF board of directors. 

The award was presented by Bill Bruins, the president of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau.

Bruins explained, "This award is given by the American Farm Bureau to congressmen who have voted in favor of ag legislation that's important to agriculture, and Congressman Petri has received this award a number of times.  He is highly deserving of it, and we are very fond to call him our congressman."

Petri said, "Farmers get up every day and work very, very hard.  And they need to have people who are working for them rather than against them who are making policy in government.  And I am happy to do what I can to be on the side of the Wisconsin farmer.