Questionnaire Results

Nearly 73 percent of responding 6th Congressional residents think the federal government is "mostly hurting" private sector job creation according to a poll which I recently released.  Only 27 percent say Washington is "mostly helping" job creation.

Nearly 61 percent of respondents want to balance the federal budget through spending cuts while seven percent call for raising taxes and 30 percent say Congress should do both.

The president's health care law is unpopular, with nearly 64 percent of respondents supporting repealing and replacing the law, and 29 percent opposing the repeal of "Obamacare."

To be clear, this is not what's called a 'scientific' poll.'  My questionnaire was in my spring newsletter, and constituents had to decide for themselves whether to respond.  That means I heard from those who are most concerned about public policy and are motivated to do something about it.

Over 80 percent support building the Keystone pipeline from Canada which President Obama is blocking.  I think the President should re-think that one.  The overwhelming majority of responding 6th District residents are in favor of growing the economy rather than regulating the life out of it.

My full 2012 questionnaire results follow:


1. Are current federal government policies mostly helping or hurting private sector job creation?

A.       Mostly helping                         27.1%

B.       Mostly hurting                        72.9%

2. Should we stick with the current 2014 date for withdrawal from Afghanistan? Should we keep substantial numbers of troops there until the Afghan military can take over? Or should we get out faster than 2014?

A.       Stick to the 2014 date             30.0%

B.       Stay - don't set timelines         30.2%

C.       Get out faster                          39.8%

3. In balancing the federal budget, which do you favor?

A.       Spending Cuts                       60.7%

B.       Raising Taxes                         7.4%

C.       Both                                       30.2%

D.       None                                     1.8%

4. Do you support tax reform that would reduce tax rates but also reduce or eliminate many tax deductions?

A.       Yes                                       72.6%

B.       No                                        27.4%

5. The U.S. has recently completed trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and others which lower trade barriers for our exports to those countries and for our imports from them. Which approach to international trade more closely represents your viewpoint?

A.       We should support free global trade with few tariffs on imports and exports                              


B.       We should protect domestic industries from foreign competitors                                               


C.       Other                                         13.5%

6. Do you support or oppose efforts to repeal and replace the President's health care law?

A.       Support repeal and replace      63.8%

B.       Oppose repeal                         28.6%

C.       Unsure                                     7.6%

7. Recently, the Obama administration and five Great Lakes states reached agreement on procedures for review and approval of wind farms in the Great Lakes. Wisconsin has not signed the agreement. Do you support or oppose offshore wind farms in the Great Lakes?

A.       Support                                 62.0%

B.       Oppose                                38.0%

8. Do you support construction of the Keystone pipeline, which would bring crude oil from Canada to refineries in the U.S.?

A.       Yes                                      80.1%

B.       No                                      19.9%

9. Social Security revenues must be brought into line with benefits. To keep Social Security solvent, which approach more closely represents your views?

A.       Limit the growth of benefits                                                                 9.6%

B.       Raise Social Security taxes on all workers                                            3.6%

C.       Raise the cap on income which can be taxed (currently $110,100)    31.0%

D.       Some combination of the above                                                         45.2%

E.       Other                                                                                                   10.7%

10. The costs of Medicare are rising at an unsustainable rate. Do you support reforming the program for those under age 55?

A.       Yes      75.4% 

B.         No     24.6%